Before your interview


Check where you’re going

Arriving late to an interview doesn’t create the best first impression, and it reduces the amount of time we can spend speaking with you. To avoid last minute panic on the day, make sure you’ve planned your route, allowing time for potential delays - see our Location page. We understand that sometimes delays are unavoidable - if you are worried that you won’t arrive on time, just let us know as soon as you can.



Do your research

Not all roles require prior experience of working within the consumer credit or Financial Services industries, however we do expect candidates to have undertaken some research to try to understand our business and purpose and the market in which we operate, and to perhaps have some questions as a result of their research too.



Prepare your answers

First of all, make sure you know what type of interview to expect and prepare accordingly. View our Contact Centre Assessment Process and Specialist Roles Assessment Process here. Think about how you will answer our questions – as well as knowing ‘what’ you have achieved, we are interested in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ too!

Spend time ensuring you really understand the role specification and requirements – this can help you to prepare relevant examples from your previous experience.

For more information on preparing for competency-based interviews, click here.


During your interview


Listen carefully, and take a moment

Ensure you’ve really understood the question. It’s fine to take a moment to think about the answer you’re going to give.



Use real life examples

It’s much easier for an interviewer to understand your experience if you include an example in your response.



Talk about YOU

Whilst it’s important to show that you can work collaboratively, we are really interested about your contributions – whether that be an individual task or as part of a wider piece of work, alongside others.



Ask us

An interview is a two-way conversation – it’s important for you to feel confident that you can see yourself being part of the team here at NewDay, so think about what you’d like to learn during the interview. You’ll always have an opportunity to ask questions.



Feel free to take notes

Under pressure in an interview, it can be hard to retain all the information you’re given – we’re happy for you to bring a notebook and pen and scribble down anything you need to!





It may not be the most relaxing occasion, but we want you to feel at ease! Think about your body language – a good candidate will seem confident, professional and engaged in the conversation.


After the interview



Please do provide some feedback to either your agent or your recruiter at NewDay. It’s useful for us to know your thoughts after you have had a chance to reflect on your experience.



Follow up

We understand that you might think of a question you wish you’d asked during the interview – if you have any follow up questions, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.